Will trade bars for a handle hmu so cal homies i gotchoo

Anonymous:  i love you


Anonymous:  Top 5 hottest users you follow

oh gosh thats hard bc i literally only follow people bc they’re hot, so theres a lot to choose from. but yeah in no particular order these ppl are v cute:





xbuttholex.tumblr.com <3


You’re not punk until you EAT A PAIR OF DOC MARTENS

(via snotgirl)

Anonymous:  You're so cute.


im gonna fucking puke this is too much for me to handle

someone just ripped off my eyelids

"im fine"

jaid-the-keeper:  What does Xanax do to you? I had a friend who got drunk then took one and all he did was pass out.

Its an anxiety reliever, it kinda makes you feel drunk and high simultaneously. Mostly just puts ya on couchlock haha, its not too intense but its blissful.

(Ps dont drink alcohol and take xanax!!! It has v bad effects, just do one or the other.)