holy shit  i love ppl w/ braces so much if u have braces hmu let me kiss u ugh braces r so v cute im gonna cry

I wasnt this fucking emotional before I met you jfc what is happening to me

kill-your-mother-rape-your-dog:  your URL, blog, face, everything :D <3 awesome

Thanks yo!

daymond73:  You're welcome! I think your amazing. Just those eyes alone scream sexy, That smile and those lips are amazing, and that body is pure purrrrfection. :)

um thnx

daymond73:  You are just way too gorgeous n sexy!

lol thanks yo

windykid:  You're so gorgeous and I love your hair and would like to cut my hair like it but I have a feeling it wouldn't look very good on me...

Thanks so much! & yo I thought short hair would look rly bad on me too but I ended up liking it a lot. You never know til you try it! c:

Anonymous:  Please tell me you like girls

Well you’re in luck lmoa

Anonymous:  well i read your rant and youre not the only one. i tend to do the same. it sucks because you know "theyre just talking" or you know you can trust her, but fuck. ugggghhhhh. it does suck some ass.

Yeah I dunno im just constantly overthinking the simplest shit and it stresses me out so much. Whatever, what can ya do :/

Holy fuck, Hot Sugar gets me so pumped damn i wanna do drugs and make out with strangers and steal a car goDDAMN